Rosemary Fromson, R.P.C., MPCC

Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Clinical Supervisor, Registered Professional Counsellor, CPCA #1266;

Member in good standing with Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association

Welcome to my practice. Here is some information that you should have for your records. Please read all of this information .


Services will be delivered in person, Skype or via telephone. I am registered to provide services to residents of Canada .


Counseling sessions will typically be 50 minutes (known as the “clinical hour”). Because our appointment time is reserved especially for you, you are to provide 48 hours notice if you cannot keep the appointment or the full fee for the session will be charged . Provision of 48 hours notice gives me time to notify someone else seeking an immediate appointment, that one is available. If something occurs which is an emergency or you come down with a sudden illness you need to contact me immediately, you will not be billed for the session under these circumstances. If a scheduled appointment has not been kept and there has been no notification of accident or illness, you will be financially responsible for it as if it had been attended. However, if l am able to reschedule your appointment time with another client when you give me less than 48 hours notice of cancellation, you will not be charged for the missed appointment regardless of the reason for late cancellation.


You can leave me messages in the following way:

Via Phone : (604) 302-9648

Via email:

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


My fees are: Singles $120/50-minute clinical hour; Couples $130/50 minutes clinical hours; Families $150/50 minute clinical hour for a scheduled mental health session and for hypnotherapy. Any time over the allotted time will be billed in increments of 15 minutes at $30/15 minutes

Payment of my fee in Canada is by: bank email transfer, cash, PAYPAL ( plus 2.75% processing fee), Credit Card ( plus 2.97% processing fee), or Money Order at the time services are rendered. After each session I will immediately give you a receipt for for insurance reimbursement and or a medical tax credit on your income tax. Please save your receipts and speak to your accountant about tax advice for my services. Please note that you are responsible for payment and we will assist you with your application to your Insurance Company if you are denied benefits.

You may be covered under the following: Pacific Blue Cross, Pacific Life, Sunlife, Great West Life, Manulife, Victim Services and/or other providers. Please check your coverage to ensure it states that is covers Counsellors and Therapists.


You may be asked to take the MAST Test which is an alcohol screening test, DAST test which is a drug screening tool or MDI-IO which is a depression screening. I will do assessments only for my own use to be as helpful as I possibly can be to you in our work together.


Counselling is tremendously beneficial for most individuals and at the same time there can be short- term negative side-effects. The side effects may include the experience of intense and unwanted feelings, including, but not limited to: sadness, anger, fear, guilt, or anxiety. It is important to remember that these feelings may be natural and normal and are an important part of the therapy process. Other risks of therapy might include: recalling unpleasant life events, facing unpleasant thoughts and beliefs, increased awareness of feelings, values, and experiences, alteration of an individual’s ability or desire to deal effectively and harmoniously with other relationships. In therapy, major life decisions are sometimes made. These decisions are a legitimate outcome of the therapy experience and are a side effect of our work together .


Infrequently, a patient’s distress remains or becomes so high that the use of medication must be considered. If it appears that there are medical concerns impacting your condition I will refer you to a doctor for treatment. Counsellors do not prescribe medication.

You will be asked on the client questionnaire to indicate people I could contact in case of an emergency. Sometimes people experience severe medical/emotional symptoms during a session. This is not uncommon. I might need to contact someone who can assist you. I would not do this without first discussing it with you. There are times when a person in therapy becomes a risk to themselves or others. If this occurs there may be need for you to be hospitalized for a short time.


Termination of counselling may occur at any time and may be initiated by either the client or the therapist. I prefer that if a decision is being made by yourself to terminate, that you would discuss this with me prior to our last session. This will give us an opportunity to look at the reasons for termination. The possibilities are that we could rejoice together at the accomplishments you have made thus far in treatment, that we can clarify what issues you have left to work on, that we could resolve some grievance you may have about treatment or its side-effects or we may agree that you could be better served by someone else and I could make a helpful referral for you. Termination itself can be a constructive and useful process.

In terms of my initiating termination, this would only occur if it appears that my therapeutic approach is not helpful to you or I think you would be better served by another therapist. All therapists recognize the need for there to be a good client-therapist “fit” for successful counselling to take place. I may not be the person to best work with you.


At any time, you may question and/or refuse therapeutic or diagnostic procedures or methods, or gain whatever information you may wish to know about the process and course of therapy. Clients are also assured of confidentiality. There are, however, important exceptions to confidentiality that are legally mandated. These exceptions include: (1) that I notify relevant others if I believe that a client has an intention to cause harm to another individual or themselves; (2) that I report any incidence of suspected abuse, neglect or molestation of minors or the elderly; (3) that I release my record to the court if subpoenaed.


As a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, I adhere to a strict standard of confidentiality. All the information between you and I (your counsellor) will not be shared or disclosed to anyone without permission from you. I also adhere to a strict code of ethics. Exceptions (1) Federal or Provincial Court (2) criminal code violations where physical and/or sexual abuse of children is involved (3) whereby any person’s life or health is in obvious danger.


Your responsibilities in the protection of your privacy:

You are advised NOT to disclose your password to anyone, or to allow another person to access the system while you are still logged in.

You are advised to logout after each use of the site, and to clear your browser’s cache. This is also known as clearing your recent browsing history. (Please refer to your browser’s help menu if necessary.) This helps keep your personal information safe, and is particularly important if others may be using the same computer after you.

You are advised to use encryption for all emails and that you have a solo email account, not a family/couple account.

You are advised to ensure that you are in a safe and secure environment if/when using video counselling.

While I strive to protect users’ personal information, no data transmission over the Internet is guaranteed to be 100% secure. Thus, Illuminating Counselling Services cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information during transmission to or from my site, and users submit information to me at their own risk. However, I do my best to ensure the highest level of security on my systems.

NOTE: If you arrive at a session under the influence you will be asked to leave and to set up a time when you are not impaired by substances. You will be responsible for the cancelled session.