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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Group Participant Comments

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"I found the class about anger really helped me and I have been using it. The changes in my thoughts and behaviours has been listening more to others, thinking before speaking, and stopping the negative thoughts."
"The changes in my thoughts and behaviours is they have mellowed and better thoughts" The facilitator had excellent preparation, great presentation style, and her responses to questions were excellent" Mark S
Rosemary is very excellent, professional and awesome! Very respectful and insightful. "Lot more calm and able to communicate better. Happier" Robin M
"Rosemary is very professional and personable" I have noticed that I am conscious and positive after classs. David W.
"I am setting boundaries and not letting people walk all over me. Realizing I can say no. As a child I didn't think I could ever say no." H.B.
"I am setting boundaries and standing up for myself, (doormat no more)." B.O.
"All very good useful info. Easy to put into use". I look now for positives
"Rosemary provides a safe and open space for those suffering from a variety of life challenges. An amazing opportunity for anyone seeking a change in their life experience." Edward D.
"Rosemary provides a safe, open and honest space. I feel confident that things I share are respected and kept confidential" Jennifer D
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